The 2015 year arrived… Oh GASP… February is just a few steps away!


The first month of the New Year January is coming to a close as we are now embarking towards February in the next few days. The days and hours are going so quickly, so best to keep pace or be a few steps ahead. Let’s march on!


Recapping a bit this month, January turned out to be quite an informative and productive month. Let’s take a look…



Tuesday – January 6, 2015

Agenda: Emerge


Every year Agenda is hosted in three different cities, and what Agenda offers is the Agenda:Emerge forum each year as well – sometimes held at different locations, but to my knowledge, Long Beach has been the staple for this privileged event, and every year we make sure to be in attendance. Emerge is great opportunity to listen and learn first hand from the creators/founders of their company, which they share their overview and experiences they had in the conception of their brand. The line up for this year was a solid one and eagerly excited to listen to these esteem individuals… they delivered and it surpassed my expectations really!


Lyndon Cormack (Co-founder of Herschel Supply) was the first speaker to commence the evening. I am sure being the first speaker would give anyone a good case of the nerves, but that was not the case for Lyndon – he was calm and collective and to be honest was quite moved by his presentation. He literally told his story from the ground up… the struggles, the mistakes encountered, the rejections – yet, undeterred him and his brother continued to strive to succeed. Hard work, sleepless nights, dedications paid off as now Herschel Supply is very well known in the industry. Actually inspired to me to buy one of his bags. LOL. But if anyone was (is) so down to earth and humble, it would have to be Lyndon Cormack. I admire that his family is a huge part of his life, and wish Herschel Supply continued success to their esteem brand. Tip my hat of to you!


Ryan Hurley, followed Lyndon Cormack, gave a brief summary of Hurley empire, but his approach was different in terms he was going to interview a panel of guest – which turned out to be quite brilliant! The guest to be interviewed was his father Bob Hurley (and absolute blast to listening to this man tell his story). They interview was really great, unfortunately I will not go into details because it’s quite a bit – but will mention something that absolutely put things in perspective! In Bob Hurley’s young surfing days, he mentioned that in Huntington Beach there were certain areas that surfers were not allowed to surf at unless you were part of that HB Scene/Group per se. Bob Hurley became part of the “HB group” because of his talent of making state-of-the-art surfboards, so he was welcomed in. Hurley told this story of one time being out in the water with the “HB group” community surfing, until he noticed this surfer (forgot his name, but was considered the best at the time) also surfing, but at separate area in the water. Hurley went to greet and invite him to surf with his buddies, but the pro-surfer was reluctant and turned down the invitation. Hurley stressed that it won’t be a problem because he’s in good terms with the “HB group”, so he would be welcomed to surf the waters with them. Again, Hurley was turned down. The pro surfer pretty much thanked Hurley for the invitation, but was good where he was at… The Pro-surfer was with all the surfing kids from the beach, and concluded by saying that hanging out with the kids brought him life and made his surfing experience enjoyable. Hurley said that at that moment, it changed and altered his life and point of view in seeing things – it was quite moving!


CR Stecyk was next on the panel and this guy was a blast as well. Such an influence early on the surf scene and the skate scene as well! If you’re familiar with the bones brigade (Powell Peralta) this was the man involved in everything. It was a great privileged to listen and learn from him as well.


Mike Ness was next on the podium. He’s a talented musician and was big during the skate area as well. Good presentation and also, privileged to hear and listened to this man’s words. His hardships when coming up and the hard work his band made to come to fruition – much respect!


Tinker Hatfield concluded the panel. Many of the Nike shoes that we’ve worn through the years and may continue to wear them were at some point design by Tinker Hatfield. He’s a designer for Nike. Personally, if I try to summarize the knowledge and insight he provided, I would be doing a great disservice – I would miss out very important and valid points. It was a privileged for him to be a featured speaker! Mind blowing to be exact.


Would like to add that after each speaker of the Hurley panel concluded there presentation, they were raffling off some awesome items – surf boards, Nike shoes, etc… Lucky to those who won!


Last, but definitely not the least was Shepard Fairey (Founder of OBEY). Again, it would be an injustice to summarize his points, would hate to leave anything out. But will say this, he’s so amazingly talented and one of the realist people out there. So legit and dude has my utmost and mad respect!


It was a great night and experience! Glad we attended – until next time!



Saturday January 17, 2015

ISS Long Beach, CA


This was one of the most important and productive days. Met potential and new suppliers and was able to see everything first hand that would be needed for the brand. Even ran into a fellow supplier and good friend. It was an impacting and vital event, will be there next year again. Can’t wait!



Just some random thoughts:


Martin Luther King Jr day – It’s amazing that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was able to march for the cause and belief in a peaceful and non-violent manner. My biggest respect to one of the most important and influential person in America – you’re teachings and lessons will continue to pass to the future generations ahead.


Finally, got to see the movie American Sniper! It was an intense film, and definitely worth a watch… highly recommended. Hope everyone has a safe and productive week. Will post another News update soon! We’ll keep in contact peeps!