JUNE is here… the trifecta for the summer months! Yes, yes am aware that the first official day of Summer commences on the 21st of June, and that day will be here quite soon!

First off, hope everyone is doing well! Although most recently it has been difficult to do so because of work and other imperative priorities that need most attention, one of my hobbies is reading. “What? You read?!!” LOL. I have particular authors, genres that I enjoy reading, but am fascinated by author(s) that were here before our time, yet… their work is very much applicable in contemporary time! It’s quite amazing really. For example, the following excerpt is from Dale Carnegie:

“Two men looked out from the prison bars, one saw mud, the other saw stars.”

The aforementioned can be taken in two ways literally and metaphorically, let’s choose the metaphorical one. Simply it’s a matter of perspective and interpretation, but each hope we all see stars! Let’s strive for the best of our capabilities. When we encounter problems or obstacles, lets view them opportunities and solutions! We see mud, means we simply have given up. Stay up and focused my friends!


The new gear is available online. It’s Part 1 of the new line and keep your eyes open for Part 2 which will be arriving quite soon.

Had the privileged to have artwork produced with a precise and eloquent vision from an idea that was rough all around the edges. Amazing.

Check it out.

We’ll touch basis again soon!