It took a while, but pleased to address that the site is now up-and-running and looking forward to the endeavors ahead. The previous months have been a bit of a roller coaster in preparation and getting situated with the conception of the company. For one, the prerequisite of valued awareness to explore the avenues prior to finality was and is quite imperative. The aforementioned approach is a definitive staple towards the journey of this company. Secondly, and on a personal level, the birth of my daughter was the other reason for the momentary halt. Having my daughter enter the world is the greatest thing that has ever happen to me hands down; definitely she’s my purpose and existence in life. My immediate priority and responsibility is to my family, so now that the dust has settled a bit and somewhat normality in the household, time to do ground work.

MOGVL BRAND is up and running. We’re far from perfect, but our mission is to strive, do our best and provide you all with the best overall experience and satisfaction. Thank you for looking, and in addition gracious if you make a purchase. We listed a few items, with more to be posted in the coming weeks. Free Shipping on all items for the month of October. Thank you.