Veterans Day


To the heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow… Thank you.


In yesterday’s, present and future generations we’ve been privileged to make choices, voice our thoughts and have the liberty to be who we would like to aspire and become. Recall history classes touching basis regarding wars of the past and as well as the current ones, and remember thinking to myself to those that lost their lives in combat were quite young, such catastrophic events. Now, being a first time father to my infant child, it really hits hard on a personal level, as mentioned before my child is my purpose and my existence in life… feel that most echo this sentiment.  For all that lost love ones (Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, relatives, friends) my heart deeply sympathizes with you, and those that are away pray for your safe returns. We may all have opinions, we may all not see eye-to-eye, but like my father always said to me “…see things heart-to-heart.”


Thank you and have a blessed day.


Yours Truly,